Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Had No Idea Triumph Made These

Inspiration Just Waiting For Your Fingers
 So there I was digging around in the interesting section (read: crap only I would want) of an antique store in Bisbee, Arizona, when I just about broke my toe tripping over this 50 pound hunk of iron desktop righteousness. 

Yep, that's a typewriter made by Triumph.

Being something of a typewriter enthusiast, the only reason I didn't buy it is because I just don't have room in my garage for an enormous, dirty, mostly-ornamental typewriter.

...That's not strictly true.  I could find room.  The real reason was because I didn't want to lug this sucker around Bisbee. 


Troubadour said...

Wow, I didn't know Triumph made typewriters either, but tis true.
Whodda thunk?

Trobairitz said...

Now that is cool.

I think I would have opted to lug it around. Maybe push it around in a cart just to get it home where it could collect dust.

Charlie6 said...

Well, if Ducati started with radios....and Lamborghini makes tractors still...why not a Triumph Typewriter...I think that'd be a cool addition to a British Riding club's paraphenalia....


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Fuzzy said...

That is really just all kinds of awesome. I'm with Trobairitz - i think I would've had to lug it around :)

Canajun said...

Should have bought it, then all the kids in the neighbourhood could come by and ask, "What is that?"

VStar Lady said...

There's a plus for new technology - at least you aren't likely to break a toe if you trip your IPhone. It's amazing what these companies have created over time.