Thursday, January 19, 2012

Triumph Gently Introduced To The Ground

Here's a rough way to start the day: realizing far too late that the kickstand is not up, and trying desperately to keep the bike from falling over all the way.

I tried to catch the bike in time, which I'm paying for now that the adrenaline has worn off.  Instead of keeping the bike upright, however, I fell hard into the side of a truck parked next to me.  At least my efforts slowed the Triumph's descent a bit.

Lifting the bike proved to be a problem, as there wasn't enough room between the Triumph and the neighboring truck to squat down and lift the bike the proper way.  Luckily for me, a guy was walking by and I was able to convince him he wanted to help me pick my bike up off the ground.

It looks like there wasn't any damage to the bike, or the truck I fell on.  I keep discovering new little pains as the morning progresses, but I hope a bit of soreness and embarrassment will be the worst of it.

No pics of the bike on the ground because, hey, the Triumph doesn't need that kind of humiliation.  Also, my first thought was, "get the bike back up," not, "take a photo."   I'm sure you can dig it.


mq01 said...

damn, sorry lucky! :( yes i think we can all dig helping the bike instead of pics. glad to hear all property is ok, and hope you feel better soon.

Trobairitz said...

Yikes. Glad it is not too serious. Hope you aren't too sore.

I understand about the not taking pictures. The only time Max has fallen over, (at a stand still luckily) I was thinking of getting it upright and not taking a picture.

Lady R said...

I understand your thoughts... to get the bike back up as soon as possible! I dropped my Glide in a parking lot once, and my first words to my hubby (who was already dismounting his Glide in order to come over and help me) was... "hurry! It can't stay like this!"

Nothing looks more sad... than a bike on it's side.

Lady R said...

ooops! I also meant to say...
Glad your okay!

Charlie6 said...

What LadyR said....even when I've dropped the motorcycle in the middle of nowhere, there's this extreme urgent rush to pick it up.....

Sorry about your incident but no harm done except to one's pride and some sore muscles....both will heal.


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Canajun said...

I'm sure most of us can relate. There's nothing tougher than trying to hold up several hundred pounds of motorcycle that is determined to hit the ground. Glad you are both okay.