Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How Cold Is It Where You're Riding?

I got an email from Noam Sayin', sometimes commenter, always scholar and gentleman, mentioning that he's been enjoying some unseasonably warm weather (40 degrees F in Minnesota??) and has made the most of it by breaking out the bikes for a little winter mayhem. 

40 degrees is about as cold as it gets here, though we have had a couple days below freezing.  I know some of you guys ride in much colder weather.

So, if you're still riding right now... what kind of temperatures are you dealing with?


Anonymous said...

Commute to work daily, heading home at night its about 3-4C so 38F. its cold, but the major issue is fogging.

Charlie6 said...

14°F for my commute this morning, it was "brisk".


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Anonymous said...

I live outside Denver. In between snowstorms we have some mild days in the 40s, and a few days the mercury has tickled the 50 mark. I don't mind the cold as much as I do the windy days. Getting smacked by crosswinds on a two lane blacktop is a little dicey.

Lucky said...

Anonymous - That's about the temperature I ride to work in right now. The fogging definitely sucks.

Charlie6 - High five to you!

No Name - Wind is definitely more troubling than cold, assuming you're dressed for the weather. There's nothing quite like the sensation of the bike getting sucked from underneath you as you get shoved to one side or the other...

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Rode up to the Rim the Friday before New Years...breakfast in Clint's Wells....about 9" of snow and 20 degrees when I arrived at 7:30. The coffee and warmth of the heater were really welcomed.

irondad said...

Disappointingly, it hasn't gotten much lower than 24 here.

Not much for bragging rights.

Noam Sayin' said...


I'm flattered my email would inspire a blog post, Lucky.

Right now, just a bit of snow keeps one off the roads (all we've got so far), but we're on the back end of January so I'm sure I'll be out again soon.

Ride the bike,