Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Where I Snuck Off To

Why, yes, that is a photo of me with a pizza on the Oregon coast. I know how to travel.

Should you wind up in Yachats, get yourself a pie from Outta Gas [541-547-4424; 1685 Hwy 101, Yachats, OR 97498; Delivery only, cash only.].

Incidentally, this kind of ruins my plan to open the only pizza parlor in Yachats. Maybe there will still be an opening for a hot wing joint?

UPDATE: Go here to check out their website. Apparently, they also do pick up, if you're not the delivery type.


mq01 said...

nuom nuom nuom :)

bobskoot said...


I got all excited when I first saw your photo with the Pizza. I thought you had made your move. It's almost like you should open a Pub and serve finger food, of which chicken wings and pizza would be a part. You could probably retire with the liquor sales.

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Lucky said...

mq01 - You know it. I wish was eating that pizza again right now.

bobskoot - I would definitely like to run a bar. Liquor and Wings, the one stop shop. Yeah, that'd be good. Also, chicken wings take a lot fewer ingredients than pizza.

Brady said...


Why didn't you post this two weeks ago? I was ON 101 in Oregon! Now I'm seated in SD - farmland - where you do not order pizza, and you do not go pick up pizza (it would be cold before you got home) We tried Pizza Pipeline in Spokane Washington, and that wasn't bad. It was the first time in a good number of months we ordered a pie.

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Stacy said...

When are you moving out here again?

Have you moved here yet?

Have you moved here yet?

Lucky said...

Brady - Well, crud, maybe I should have said something. Also, no pizza in Farmland? I am so, so sorry to hear that.

Stacy - Not there yet, will be as soon as we can escape Phoenix. I'll announce the move, and should you miss it, you'll probably hear us laughing and cheering on our way up when we're still in California...

irondad said...

I am so sorry I was at the other end of the state. How often do you get to eat pizza with a Viking Warrior, after all?

Why are you worried about the existing place? Move in and move them out!

Anonymous said...

Need advice please. How do you communicate with your buddies when you go on a group ride? I'm thinking velcroing 2 way walkie talkie for 2 or more people to the outside of a helmet. Something like this. Thoughts?

Lucky said...

Irondad - No worries, I'll be back.

Anonymous - I wrote a new post as a reply to your question. Thanks for reading!

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