Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Documentary About Touring on a 125cc Motorcycle

So this guy decided it would be a great idea to tour around the U.K. on a 125cc bike, and made a brief documentary about it.

I think it's pretty swell, and I suspect you'll enjoy it as well.

Part One:

Part Two:


Canajun said...

"Either that or I pressed the kill switch". Brilliant!

But whatever possessed him to head north to Scotland, in October????

Gary France said...

I nearly wet myself laughing at the kill switch incident. These videos are fantastic. I am going to have to link to them on my blog as well because as many people as possible need to see these! The guy might not realise it yet, but this is what biking is all about - get your first bike and get out on the road, have an adventure and have fun! Tremendous stuff!

David Jones said...

Bloody inspirational, well done that man! Hope yOu stick at it and make some more films. Who hasn't done the kill switch thing or somethIng just as daft lol. Keep the faith.
All the best

Lucky said...

David - I'm glad you enjoyed them. I'm not the guy that made them, though.

You can check out more of Nathan's adventures here: http://onkudu.com/

Kapil Bhatt said...

very inspirational stuff! 125cc bikes in india