Friday, November 05, 2010

Looks Like A Weekend Project

The headlight in the Vespa burned out earlier this week. Ordinarily, I've never been intimidated by replacing a headlight.

I am now.

In order to replace the headlight, I basically have to take the whole machine apart. I need special tools to do it.

Note to engineers - don't make regularly replaced items impossible to get to.

So, according to what I've read, I'll have to take off the mirrors, take off the Vespa badge on front, remove the horn cover, then locate and remove a hard-to-get-to screw, unscrew a few more things, then essentially pull the entire handlebar fairing off. Then replace the stupid bulb and put it all back.



cpa3485 said...

You need a little Zen for a lot of things. Ohmmmmmmm


bobskoot said...


You should adopt the Italian philosphy . . .

just ride during the day

Wet Coast Scootin

Canajun said...

Or you could just duct tape a flashlight to the handlebars.

Gary France said...

Or strap a pizza oven to the rear seat - people will see the glow for miles....

irondad said...

You scooter riders. Might just as well jog around with an engine under your arm!

I haven't hassled you for a while and needed to relieve some pressure.

Wanderer Roy said...

I've got Kymco, only the thought of replacing bulb or for that matter coolant liquid - well, it just gives me the shivers.


I'm not sure it will fit back ;)

Funny, be carefull though, have you seen the concept scooters on EICMA?