Friday, October 29, 2010

New Tires Are Sheer Joy

I have heard there are riders who actually need to replace their tires due to age, instead of simply wearing them out. I can't imagine such a lifestyle, but I've also heard I'm a special case when it comes to riding.

Anyway, last night I picked up the Vespa, which had been in the shop getting new feet. As soon as I walked in, the person at the service desk said "You'll be glad to know your bike is actually ready today."

Darn right.

I couldn't exactly say what it is, but vehicles - even cages - just seem to run better with brand new tires. New tires on a motorcycle are especially wonderful, of course, because the simplicity of the machines. Tires are probably the most important part on a motorcycle, though a functional motor and a seat are awfully nice to have. And there isn't a whole lot to insulate the rider from the tires on a bike. Crappy tires make for crappy rides.

The ride home from the shop was like gliding along smooth ice on sharp skates. It was so nice, in fact, I decided I should really bring the Vespa to work today. You know, just to keep it exercised. And I've got to scrub in the tires, after all.

And because an ear to ear grin is a good way to start a Friday.


Allen Madding said...

I wholeheartedly agree. I put new tires on Rosie 2 weeks ago and have enjoyed the extra grip immensely. It's almost like she wants to slice curves now.


Gary France said...

On my tour, I have had 3 new rears and 1 new front. I take it easy for about a hundred miles or so, then they feel great! I remember when we met you were talking about the types of tires you like, so you obviously take a keen interest in what boots your bikes wear.

red said...

I'll get to know that feeling this spring. =]

Do you scrub 'em to get off the "release compound"? I've heard conflicting reports...

Lucky said...

Allen - New tires really can completely change the character of the machine.

Gary - I really do. Quality tires make a huge difference in my confidence level when I'm riding. If I'm worried about my tires failing me, I just don't have a good time.

Red - I scrubbed them once, a few sets of tires ago. After then spending 15 minutes scrubbing all the filth from my hands, I decided that I could handle just taking it easy for the first 100 miles.

Hawktane said...

this is funny. i just got some new tires too and i was shocked because my feet were further from the ground with all the extra rubber.

i swear sometimes after i wash my bike it runs better! the brain is a powerful thing let me tell ya!