Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Might Be Time For Some Warmer Gear

It's a different day every year, but every year there's one morning where the temperature is cold enough that I really, really wish I had a warmer jacket on. It's the morning when I think "do I really want to ride through another winter?"

This year, that morning was today. Brr. But, of course, I do want to ride through another winter. There's no bad weather, just bad clothing, right?

I'd meant to get the zipper on my leather jacket repaired, but life happened and it's still broken, so I'm going to have to dig out either a Carhartt jacket, or my old army surplus jacket. Or both.

This is kind of a tricky season, because it's cold in the morning, but plenty warm in the afternoon. There's only so many layers I can reasonably wear and carry back and forth every day.

I guess it's all just part of the adventure though. At least I don't have to put the bike away for the season.


Troubadour said...

Add an electric heated liner or vest to your arsenal, wear it in the morning then stuff it in a tank/tail bag for the ride home. They aren't that bulky so they fit well under your favorite jacket.
Trust me, it's worth the investment and you'll wonder how you ever lived without one.

bobskoot said...


sometimes it's all in your head. It is only cold if you think it is cold. It's not so bad if you have a backup plan. I usually carry a heated vest in my sidecase. I know it is there if I need it but I have not used it in over 3 years, but my heated grips I use all the time

Wet Coast Scootin

motoroz said...

Finding the correct clothing combination is challenging. I think I have finally got a good combo, but the North Texas winters are not usually as drastic as some places. Good luck. If you fell like you want to you can look at my blog and see what I have chosen for my 4 season pants. - - look at the October postings.

bluekat said...

I feel better that everyone else struggles with the winter riding question. I consider my options: the car. Nope, not yet.

I jumped on the heated jacket bandwagon this year, and have to say it makes for a nice comfortable ride.

red said...
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red said...

Check out the Tour Master Transition Series 2 jacket. I have the Hi-Viz version and it's now my favorite jacket. Comfy, warm and tons of nifty features.