Monday, March 01, 2010

A Question For My Readers

To start this off, thanks for reading my blog. You folks are all quite attractive, intelligent and have excellent taste, and I'm honored that you spend time reading what I've written.

Now, concerning what I write... What do you guys like to read? Are you itching for more ride reports? Personal stories? Rants? Half-baked philosophy? General observations and commentary about how awesome motorcycles are? Let me know! You can leave a comment, or if you prefer, there's a convenient link to email me on the right side of the page.


mq01 said...

well, hmmm, i enjoy you the way you are. if you want to rant, ride, talk pizza, tyr, tires, rain stars or wind, change it up, keep it the same, whatever works for you. its all good lucky.

682202 said...

Anything Half-Baked can't be all bad, Right? It's all good.

Gary France said...

That is the beauty of reading peoples motorcycle or pizza blogs - you just don't know what you will find to read. My advice would be as long as it has something to do with motorcycles, even loosely, then I will probably read it.

Gary’s USA Tour

Allen Madding said...

funny you ask this as I have been asking myself a lot about the topics on my blog.

My answer is simple:

I enjoy reading whatever is going on with you. Yes we both love motorcycles and ride reports are always interesting, but so are rants, and whatever is going thru your mind today.

So, my suggestion is don't put a great deal of thought in an intentional direction for the blog. Just write about what your thinking or experiencing during the seasons of your life. Even if its not about motorcycles, I'll read it and enjoy it.

It's kinda like if you and I sat down for lunch. We wouldn't talk motorcycles for an hour. The conversation would cross several subjects. So be it...


Honda Motorcycles Blog said...

I actually kind of enjoying what you are writing :) Just keep on posting!


Arizona Harley Dude said...

Words....that is the secret to a successful blog. You pick em, we read em, or not, and everyone rides away satisfied. Write for yourself and then let the chips fall where they may, but please stay true to yourself.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Some pictures of scantily clad biker chicks sitting on motorcycles eating beer and drinking some pizza would be great.

Nah, just keep doing what you do, any way you like. No matter what you post, You'll never captivate every one on every post. We all like some and we all don't. Just so happens that what we do and don't is different for us all. Mixing it up is always good in my opinion.

David said...

"...more ride reports? Personal stories? Rants? Half-baked philosophy? General observations and commentary about how awesome motorcycles are?"

In short, yes. You're an interesting guy, and have interesting observations on life, pizza, motorcycles, and the general stupidity of commuting cage drivers. Besides, at least you're not posting photographic experiments and baby pictures. (Dan, Steve, you guys know I love you and this is just a joke!)

Seriously, anything you want to write is good with me.

Dave T.
Truck Driver, Motorcyclist, Half-Wit philosopher

bobskoot said...


we luv ya. We would never think of chaining you down to a specific format. It's your slate to do as you please. Once you start pleasing the masses it turns into a chore. so rant away, be incoherant, have pizza and post a pix or two, it's all good

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

irondad said...

Sure, it's your blog. Having met you in person twice, and having spent much longer the second time, I can say that I like your variety of discussion themes.

On the other hand, since you asked for an opinion, I like it best when you are iconoclastic!

Unless, of course, I'm the icon you're poking fun at. Thanks a bunch, I love you, too, Dave T!

Lucky said...

Wow, thanks. Since the general consensus is "Carry On," that is what I will do.

Also, you're all far, far too kind.