Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spreading The Good Word

There is a woman who rides an older black and teal (with matching seats) Honda Shadow in to work just about every day. I've chatted with her a couple of times and she seems pretty cool.

The other night as I was getting my helmet secured, she looked over the ET4 (her expression said, "how many bikes does this guy have?"), and asked me if I have a car I use when it rains.

A car? For something minor like rain?

It took me a second to gather my thoughts. I mean, obviously I've got a car. I just don't use it for getting around unless I absolutely have to.

Now, I don't give smart-assed answers to honest questions. So I told her about my magical rain gear (prevents water from coming within two blocks of me!), and that I don't let a little water stop me.

I'd guess she thought I was only a little bit crazy.


irondad said...

Remember, though, you are from Phoenix. You celebrate rain. What's really weird is that on my flight home I sat next to a guy flying from Phoenix to Portland. He said the same thing you did. About looking forward to cloudy days and such.

So, how much credit can you take for riding in the rain if you do it so little and like it when you can?

Lucky said...

Well, that's true. I celebrate rain. Most of the natives and long-timers around here, however, do not. People here call in sick when it rains.

Yeah, really.

You must have met the other-me. That guy shows up everywhere.

Arizona Harley Dude said...

The rain answer is in the riders makeup. Me? I'm not sweet enough to have to worry about getting wet. I'm not going to melt and have learned I'm wash and wear. Some never find that out and also complain about being to hot or to cold. Remember it is the Goldilocks riders who won't ride in the rain. Those are the folks who only ride when the weather is just right.