Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Weather in Phoenix!

Those of you living in places that actually have weather that differs from day to day may not have heard, but we've had an interesting bunch of weather here in the great state of Arizona. Up in Flagstaff, according to the official weather report, a metric buttload of snow fell. Here in sunny Phoenix, we got a lot of rain. And it wasn't sunny.

I like that last part so much I'm going to repeat it: it wasn't sunny yesterday.

Naturally, I was the only two-wheeled vehicle on the road in the morning. People in Phoenix are a little strange - everyone is afraid of a little rain.

I mean, I understand that every time we get weather, the entire city falls apart and we have to make it all out of papier mache and sand again, but really a little rain won't hurt you.

Everyone thinks I'm nuts for riding in the rain. Really, I can count on one hand the number of times I've been caught in a downpour while riding, and I've ridden every day (mostly) for almost four years. It does not rain here. Or I'm a sun god. But I think it's just that it doesn't rain here. Because of this, I've worn rain gear much more often than I've needed rain gear.

Yesterday, it really seemed like I was going to need rain gear on my way home, so I wore it. I got hit by a few drops of rain on my way to the parking garage. Other than that, the rain gear just protected my clothes from the spray from cars in front of me. Actually, I was glad I had my rain gear on for that reason.

But I didn't get rained on. I was disappointed, frankly. Flagstaff got dumped on. I heard rain all day at the office. But when it's my turn? Nothing.

It's kind of a bummer.


Colin said...

We get considerably more rain here in Fort Worth that you do, but when we do the whole place falls apart. My theory is bad driving is a genetic disorder passed down from whoever it was in our families that moved to these hot, dry places in the first place. Thus the recessive trait of drivus stupidus gets stronger with each successive generation. And don’t let it snow, .001 of an inch and all businesses and schools are closed for the duration.

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Sorry to pop the bubble, but I rode yesterday morning. I even had to don the Froggs Toggs for the soggy ride home in a down pour all the way. Yes, everyone thinks I'm nuts also.

The worst part for me was the 13 hours without power and not being able to get the bike out of the garage this morning. Only the second day this school year I haven't ridden to work. Big time bummer because the folks thought it was to cold to ride. What a bunch of wussies.

Lucky said...

Colin - I hate to think of the chaos that would be Phoenix in a snowstorm...

AZ Harley Dude - I figured you rode yesterday, I just didn't see ya! Sorry to hear about the power outage!

irondad said...

If I could figure out how to do it, I'd send you as much of our rain as I could.

By the way, your self portrait is starting to look a little feminine!

Lucky said...


Man, you're kinda sassy today.