Thursday, December 10, 2009

Enjoying the Small Things

I don't like kids, as a group. I mean, there are specific children that I like, but I'm not one of those people that goes all crazy the second anyone under 16 appears. I like kids I don't know best when, like ferrets, they are over there, where I can study their habits without having to interact. Because those things have nasty, pointy little teeth.

But a major exception to my general not-kid-liking policy is when I'm on the bike. Kids, if you haven't noticed, like motorcycles. I can't count the number of huge smiles and waves I've gotten from kids when I'm on the bike.

I always wave back. It makes my day.

...I mean, we gotta warp 'em while they're still young. Otherwise they might grow up to drive an S.U.V.


James Powell said...

I share your sentiments about kids in general, and also love the way I can't pass a school without hearing excited shouts of "motorcycle!" or seeing big smiles whenever I give a wave. I loved bikes when I was a kid, yet it somehow took 28 years for me to get one.

gael_cee said...

I just love it when kids wave out the back window of a car and then smile or laugh when you wave back. Then they look to see if their parents saw them, like they did something wrong.

I always wave at kids.

Canajun said...

I think it must have something to do with bicycles. Nearly every kid has one, and I expect they look at motorcycles as being bicycles with motors for big kids. And to a 6 year old that would be way cool.

Regardless, I too love the reaction and always wave back or toot the horn to acknowledge them.

My philosophy is to treat them nice because you've got to get them hooked before the parents weave their "over my dead body" wand and scare the crap out of 'em.

irondad said...

I always wonder how many of today's riders started because of a motorcyclist they saw from the back of a car.

Waving at kids is fun. What's even more fun is watching the parent's reaction. Especially the women. They either look like I am going to eat their children or smile back at me.

Once in a while I even have fathers wave at me with an excited and wistful smile!