Monday, October 19, 2009

My Motorcycle Made Me Do It...

Have you ever noticed how your motor sounds kind of annoying at 8,000 RPM when you're just maintaining a certain speed, but it sounds awfully good when you're passing 8,000 RPM on the way 13,000 RPM?

...Yeah. This morning was kind of a fast morning, if you get my drift. Actually, it was so easy to ride fast today that I decided it might be best if I just stayed behind the Buick travelling at a totally sane and reasonable 75 MPH.

So, cruising along at a prudent and safe 75 MPH keeping a reasonable distance between me and the Buick, I was a little surprised when the Buick's pilot suddenly darted into the next lane to the right for no apparent reason. There was nothing on the road. I hadn't been tailgating. And they weren't moving to exit. Odd.

Then I saw the bright, flashy, red and blue lights of a police patrol vehicle approaching rapidly in my rear view mirrors. The adrenaline rush made my lips and nose tingle in an unpleasant way. I moved to the right, and expected the officer to follow me - in which case I would have moved left again to the nearest breakdown lane.

Instead, unbelievably, he sped by on my left. The Buick darted right back into the HOV lane, and I resumed following the great grey whale, with a close eye on my mirrors for more officers.

I felt pretty lucky, and I did my best to ride a little more conservatively. I really did.

It didn't work. I arrived at the office shortly after unintentionally racing another guy on a CBR between stoplights. I was just trying to stay out of his way. I really was. Maybe he just really wanted to check out my bike. It happens...

I'll tell you what, the Speed Four gets me into all kinds of trouble.


bobskoot said...


I know what you mean about "the bike made me do it" . I always follow my GUT feel and when I get that feeling I tuck in behind a slower group and usually it was the best thing to do.
I don't have a speed four but it is sooooo easy to just twist that throttle a little too much.

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

irondad said...

Yeah, I know. Been there.

Anonymous said...
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mq01 said...

bob did this to me recently too, he took that throttle of his and opened it up. and not once, not twice, but woohoo.... ;) glad you didnt have an unexpected rendezvous with zip nolan the highway patrolman.

DMV Locations said...

I experienced that this year. My motor is very annoying when I'm maintaining my normal speed. The cops got me.

Hawktane said...

I noticed this too. I have the same problem. It just sounds so much better when that air is being sucked into the motor. A few times though, I've started to crack the throttle and then I'll back off for some reason and sure enough a cop with show himself.