Friday, August 07, 2009

It was... Pleasant?

I think I may have mentioned the crushing, oppressive heat we've been having this week. I got into my gear this morning (around 6:15) expecting more heat.

Instead, it was surprisingly pleasant all the way to work. It couldn't have been above 80. Hell, it felt kind of cool, really. Back to school weather.

Doubtless it was a fluke, and the heat will be back with a vengeance by noon, but I'll take whatever respite I can get.


irondad said...

We've cooled down a bit, too. The weather guessers say 72 with a chance of refreshing showers. 80 in Phoenix? Better plug in your electric vest.

bobskoot said...


The temps have cooled here too. The other night I went for a short ride and took the jacket with the liner, and had to wear fleece under my pants. I think cooler weather is better for riding. You can always put more on, there is a limit to how much can come off.

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Allen Madding said...

its cooled here lately as well. We are down to 92F today. I'm still gonna have to have the A/C on my Harley checked out...


Baron's Life said...

hey Summer's's cooled down a lot here in BC since last Thursday...seems like somebody flicked the heat switch off.

Steve Williams said...

We had our first hot, humid day of the year yesterday and it only got into the mid 80s so we have been fortunate.

I always like riding in cooler weather so I have been a happy guy this summer.

I was looking at your banner picture and the bike with dual headlights looks a lot like the configuration of the Triumph I was riding this weekend. It would be a nice addition in the garage to companion the Vespa.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks