Monday, June 15, 2009

Ride To Work Day, and Stuff!

ARGH! I had this nice post all written up, and it got lost somewhere in the ether.

So, here's the abbreviated version because I don't want to type it all up again: Ride to Work day today. First time I've actually ridden on the designated day. Bad things prevented it in the past. I'm half expecting something horrible to happen to me on my Ride Home From Work (Trademark T.G.M.P.T.) today.

Also, this blog has been in existence for four years now, as of last Monday. Go me. To celebrate, beer tonight.

That is all.


mq01 said...

congrats on the blog, and on riding today. no no no, nothing bad will happen riding today, no. :)

Arizona Harley Dude said...

Lucky, congratulations on the four years. Repeat after me, "Nothing bad can happen. Nothing bad at all."

mq01 said...

exactly az hd, chanting mantra; nothing bad can happen, nothing bad at all.

Lucky said...

Well, nothing bad happened.

...Which makes me nervous about today. ;)