Saturday, May 30, 2009

One Leak Closes, Another Opens

The plan for today was to get the air filter installed in the Triumph (finally), go buy a new vacuum cleaner, and work on my new, super-secret business plan of utter genius.

But before starting any of that, I sat down in my reading room with a copy of Living Aboard magazine.  I've been amused with the similarities between boaters who live on their boats, and hardcore bikers.  Sorry to use the cliche, but we both do more with less.  Also, as I learn more new and interesting and entirely unrelated things (my true hobby: learning new stuff), I'm amazed at how much everything is the same.  

So, I was reading about some lady trying to repair the ten foot hose between the head and the storage tank on her boat, when I had a revelation.  I realized that the tool I used to adjust the valves on the VX800 would probably fit in the horrible little spot where the troublesome bolt is.

Naturally, I bolted from the reading room straight to the garage.  Lady Luck asked where I was going as I passed by, and I muttered something coherent like, "I'm a GENIUS."

Out in the garage, I dug out the valve adjustment tool, and finessed it into the space between the front and rear cylinders on the VX.  It popped, more or less, right on to the bolt.  Alas, there wasn't room to move it, because the carburetor was in the way.

So, I pulled the carburetor off, and tightened the bolt right up.  I then spent the next three hours getting all the parts I've pulled off the VX back on the bike.  Once everything was assembled and tight again, I poured a couple liters of water into the radiator to see if the bike can hold its water.

Well, the original leak I had set out to fix, no longer leaks.  HOORAY!!

Of course, there's a new leak, mocking me.  It's on the bottom of the motor, on the clutch side, and I can't figure out if it's a case of a missing bolt, or if something horrible has happened.

So, take a look at this picture and tell me what you guys think.  The coolant is leaking out of the hole on the top of the photo, slightly to the left of center. 

Whaddya think?  Stuff a bolt in there?  Weep inconsolably and scrap the bike?

Update!   Well, if I'd been paying attention, I'd have noticed the hole is on the water pump housing.   So, probably a bad mechanical seal.  Yay for new parts!


mq01 said...

you are a genius. im sorry i am not able to offer advice on your latest leak not known for my mechanical expertise :) you'll figure it out im sure...

Canajun said...

Well I'm glad you explained it. I have NO idea what I'm looking at in that picture :(

bobskoot said...

. . . back to the Pizza. Sorry, will miss you. We are leaving next week. At the end of the month we are heading to Penticton for the big car show.

When you move to Oregon, I am sure there will be more opportunities.

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

mtajudy said...

Scap the bike? Did you really say that?? LOL

Lucky said...

mq01 - Thanks

Canajun - See? You come around here, you get a little smarter whether you want to or not. Come on over sometime and you too can enjoy crawling around on the floor under an old Suzuki.

bobskoot - Whoa, that looks like a sweet car show. I'd ditch me for that.

mtajudy - It's OK, I was being dramatic. I'd sell it to another VXer for parts or restoration.

Hemang Amin said...

I have a VX800 have the same problem right now, it just started leaking about a month ago and get a screw/bolt to fit..

Please let me know how you were able to fix it. Thanks !

Lucky said...

Hemang - I never did fix it, I ended up selling the bike last summer. Good luck with your bike!