Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hugs for Helmets

I hate getting hugs from people I don't know. But I like seeing people I don't know getting hugs.


Noam Sayin' said...

Kinda creepy, but I guess it beats the alternative:

So, now that I've not gone off-topic on the first post of this thread...

Hey, Lucky. I'm going to defer to your life-long cycling wisdom. How many miles should I have on my scoot (CVT) before I replace the drive belt. I've heard as few as 1000, and as many as 5000. I'm at a little under 3300 (in one year, living in Minnesota).

Thanks in advance...

Lucky said...

Lessee... on a chinese scoot, I'd say you should toss it in the dumpster at 3310 miles and buy my Vespa ET4.

But seriously, if there's nothing about it in your owner's manual, I'd say pull it apart and examine the belt for wear, or see what your mechanic recommends.

Scooter fans? What do y'all recommend?

bobskoot said...

I'm guessing that your belt should last 7,500-10,000 miles, unless of course, you do a lot of jackrabbit starts and scuff the sides of your belt . Periodically you should clean all the dust and grime on the pulley system as dust can be abrasive and wear the belt faster.

I think you should just purchase Lucky's ET4 (I thought it was sold ?)

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Noam Sayin' said...

I'd love to buy Lucky's ET4. And I wouldn't mind the drive back to Minneapolis on it.

I wonder how many days that would take me?

Thanks for the advice, guys. I have about 3,300 on it, and I try to do as many jackrabbit starts as opportunity provides. I'm thinking I'll just replace it.

Kevlar belt?

Lucky said...

I'd guess 6 - 9 days, depending on how close to 300 miles per day you can handle... I'm not up on my scooter-touring, but I'd think shooting any higher than that would be a touch ambitious.

Or if you've got a friend with a truck, it can be done in two days. If you're smart, you make the drive over three days.

Just saying.

Baron's Life said...

I did a 610 miles/one day ride back in March and it took me 3 weeks to de-vibrate from the ride.