Friday, March 27, 2009

A Tip for the Weekend

Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches are much, MUCH better than they sound.

That is all.


Lady Ridesalot said...

That's sounds like one of those things I'll just say, "I believe ya!" LOL!

BTW... I thought of you the other day. I stopped in for a quick lunch at a CiCi's Pizza. I don't know if you have them or not, but they're a popular franchise that serves a buffet at lunch and dinner. I wasn't that impressed with their sauce and I only ate half of each of the three pieces I chose, because it just didn't taste that great. Well, it wasn't 30 minutes later and I felt like I was on a date with the colon cruncher! I don't need to bear the details, but all I could think of was, "I gotta tell Lucky to stay away from CiCi's! Danger! Danger! LOL!
Sure, I can laugh now. :)

Lucky said...

Oh, don't take my word for it - you gotta try it!! Next time around, I'm going to add bananas to the mix.

Back when I rode out to Albuquerque last year, the clerk at the front desk recommended CiCi's when I asked about a good pizza place.

Fortunately, I got Lady Luck on the phone and she directed me to a real pizza place.

Sounds like I dodged a bullet!

Anonymous said...

I must say I have not tried it. But, in a way, it sounds good. Keep in mind you would be hard pressed to find something I would not like.

Ride on,

Canajun said...

They would have to taste better than they sound - can't imagine how they could taste worse. :-(

Now peanut butter and banana - that's a gourmet's delight.

bobskoot said...

Sorry, I'm not that adventurous. I often take Peanut butter and Raspberry Jelly sandwiches to work. ooohhh so goood. I'll skip the bacon . . .

I think I'll also skip the colon cruncher

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Two Buck said...

They must be fucking awesome then, because peanut butter and bacon are two of God's ways of telling us that He loves us. The thought of combining them A) makes me embarrassed I hadn't thought of that myself, and B) gives my tongue a hard-on.

Allen Madding said...

Try chocolate milk on Captain Crunch cereal and get back to me :)


Baron's Life said...

They are the best...will try the banana far peanut butter and strawberry jam works for me...I can eat them all day