Friday, March 20, 2009

Scooterists and Restauranteurs

Last night Lady Luck and I rode over to Liberty Market for dinner. I took the ET4 instead of the Triumph.

Liberty Market is Joe Johnston's latest venture. His other two restaurants, Joe's Real BBQ and Joe's Farm Grill (which I reviewed back here).

You can't go wrong at any of these restaurants. Seriously.

Best of all, Joe himself is a scooter fanatic. I got to meet him last night after we caught him admiring our Vespas. Joe owns a P200, and his wife has an ET4.

So what I'm trying to say is: if you're in the area, give Joe your money. Don't waste it on some other crappy restaurant.


Baron's Life said...

Sounds good buddy..I happen to like the ET4 myself....
by going as far as giving him my money...well that's another story my dear friend...take care and god bless

irondad said...

Thanks for the tip. People should support people with their business, not some impersonal chain. At least in my opinion. What happened to the pizza reviews? I mean, no pressure, or anything!

Lucky said...

Baron - I admit it's hard to eat at a restaurant if you aren't anywhere near it...

Irondad - Yeah, the reviews. I've been... polishing... them?

OK. I've been lazy.