Friday, March 13, 2009

New Triumph Bonneville is Out

So Triumph has released their new Bonneville, updated for a "70's Retro" look.

All I can say is - Cast Wheels.


OK, sure, they're awfully convenient all around (no lacing, no truing, no inner tubes...), and it is likely I would prefer them for day to day motorcycle ownership, but they are severely lacking in style in my always humble opinion.

Actually, I suppose they do have a touch of style. Bad style.

I hate to rip on my most favoritest manufacturer of motorcycles but, seriously, it seems to me they're trying to look like 70's Japanese bikes. Which, amusingly enough, were trying to look like English bikes.

There's an absurd infinite loop going there and it's really messing with my sense of what is right and proper. It's like English bands mimicking American bands who then began to mimic the English bands who had mimicked the Americans...

Anyhow, have a look at how Triumph ruined the looks of the modern Bonnevilles here.


Stacy said...

It's the circle of life!

Baron's Life said...

Things do go in cycles...however, I did look at the link you provided and you know what, I like this Triumph didn't really expect to look sexy...did you...after all, we are British...aren't we?

Surly said...

It looks like an XS650 Yamaha with a Norton Interstate tank on it.
Decidedly retro. Looks about as cool as a brown jacket.

Lucky said...

Stacy - Now I'm going to have that song from The Lion King in my head all day. I'll get you for that.

Baron - I dunno, my Speed Four is the hotness... ;)

Surly - Agreed.

I guess I was cranky on Friday. I looked again and today I think it's pretty cool-looking.

I'm reminded of all the hype about the PT Cruiser way back in the last century - the car I really wanted to like but just couldn't. The promo-photos were awesome, and then I saw it in person and had to admit it was one ugly car.

Perhaps this bike looks like crap in photos and rocks hard in person.

And besides, if one appeared in my garage, I'd love it either way.

gael_cee said...

I have a 79 T140D that has wheels damn near just like those. I guess it is a retro look considering it's straight out of the 70's.

Nice looking bike overall, I think.
I'd like to ride one, just not very far.

xtian said...

the classic version with spoke rims is still available. (here anyway)