Monday, March 02, 2009

Limping Along

This weekend I got a little too enthusiastic with my exercise regimen, and I've been limping around for the last couple of days because my ankle is sore. It loosens up fairly quickly when I walk around, but it's rather painful when I first stand up after sitting a while.

I've mentioned before that my job involves sitting all day. So, on my few short trips here and there about the office, everyone asks if I had a mishap on the motorcycle because of the limp.

This happens every time appear the slightest bit infirm. Does this happen to you?

I'm going to take it as a compliment, since obviously everyone thinks I'm so tough the only thing that could injure me is a high-speed introduction to the ground.

I hate to disillusion anyone, so I've been trying to come up with a better story than "I ran in place a bit too long."


irondad said...

"Kicking ass is hard on ankles". Or, "I'm still breaking in my orthopedic shoes."

Depends on how you feel that day.

Wolfie said...

"You should see the other guy" is a pretty good lead-in for a story, if you're feeling creative that day.

Lucky said...

I like "Kicking ass is hard on ankles."

If I'm leading into a story, though, I like get things rolling with something like "Let me tell you about the time I defeated the Mongol hordes with nothing more than a stale bit of bread and a teaspoon."