Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Flying Chunks of Tire - Not Just For Breakfast Anymore!

I seriously don't know how some people can wear shorts on their motorcycle. I catch flying debris with my shins and knees all the time.

Such as this morning, when a little pickup truck a couple cars ahead of me had a blowout. High speed chunks of airborne tire really smart when they hit your shins. Happily, the big tire bits missed me. I only had to contend with a few small pieces.

What have you all caught while riding?


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I have not been hit by anything larger than small pebbles. I hope and pray it stays taht way.

Ride on,

Stacy said...

I'm too new to riding to have any exciting stories, but fat raindrops at 65mph always invigorate the shins.

My first experience with hail at 75mph was terrific as well.

Canajun said...

Spray from a leaking valve on a septic pumping truck.... on the day I DIDN'T wear my full-face helmet.

Of course it wasn't until I passed him and saw the lettering on the door that I realised what had been spattering all over me for the last couple of miles.

gael_cee said...

Didn't get hit but a golf bounced right between me and another bike going by a golf course the other day.

Danny said...

Large chunk of dried mud from a 4X4. Hit me right in the chin. Thankfully I had a full face helmet on.

bobskoot said...
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bobskoot said...

the worst that I have experienced is a bee in my helmet, also sand/pebbles being kicked up from the car ahead. That is the reason that I insist on having a windshield of some sort. Rain also hurts at freeway speeds

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Doug C said...

Those shin hits sting and they always surprise me. I ran over a truck tred once but never had any rubber shrapnel to dodge.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Big fat June bug, right between the eyes. No helmet.

Noam Sayin' said...

Big, fat Junebug - right in the eye.

Forunately, I was wearing goggles, but I had to pull over and clean its remains off the lense.

Gymi said...

I took a starling off the knee once going about eighty. A flock along the side of the road took flight just as I was riding by. Lucky it was only my knee, I rode strait through the flock. Although I thought my knee was toast, just came through it with a nasty bruise. The bird didn’t fair as well, turned him into a magpie. One of the many reasons I never wear shorts while riding.

Surly said...

Maybe it's a midwestern thing but my buddy liquified a seagull in front of me with his knee once in Wisconsin. I'd have nailed it if he wasn't riding lead.
As a kid my Dad and I went through a flock (?) of Monarch butterflies on the Zed one with a sidecar. We were covered with yellow goo. Had to pull over and clean our faceshields. Icky.

Surly said...

A large group of butterflies is called a "Kaliedescope".
Who knew?

Lucky said...

Torch - I hope you knocked on wood after saying that.

Stacy - Ah, riding in hail. It's like playing paintball with nature.

Canajun - Were they number one in the number two business?

gael_cee - Yikes! Were they aiming for you, or what?

Danny - Things like that are the real reason I wear a helmet.

bobskoot - I had a bee in my goggles once. I bet the other drivers had never seen a rider get across all the lanes of traffic, stop and pull off his helmet and goggles in less than three seconds before...

Doug C - Running stuff over is a whole other level of excitement.

Mr. Moto - YEOWCH.

Noam - I have nothing to add to that except "See everybody? Use eye protection!"

Gymi - I've had a lot of close calls with pigeons, but I haven't hit any yet.

Surly - I had a similar experience on my way to San Diego, though they weren't monarch butterflies. They were, however, rather gooshy.