Thursday, February 05, 2009

Still Kicking.

Anybody still reading? Sorry for the prolonged absence - I've been contending with a cold, residual sleepiness, and a lack of anything to say.

Lady Luck and I made a trip to a new restaurant for the first pizza review of 2009. With any luck, this will not be the ONLY review for 2009, but long time readers know the operative word in my blog's name is "Motorcycle."

In other news, it's disgustingly warm down here. I guess this is a good thing, since my hunt for a thin ski mask to wear under my helmet was entirely fruitless.

Incidentally, anybody know a good place on the internet to buy a thin ski mask? Bonus points if the seller will embroider "We Are The Good Guys" on the forehead for me.

Anyway, I don't have much else to say, so here's a picture of the project I spent all my time on last weekend - a Gen-U-Wine cigar box guitar. It's wired up for amplification, but most folks probably just can't handle that much awesomeness so I've been playing it unplugged. Cigars and slide blues both come out of this thing tasting fresh and sassy.

Also, it's easily carried on a motorcycle.


Wolfie said...

That's a pretty sweet Swamp-tar, man. Can we get a sound-sample?

Stacy said...

Ask, and ye shall receive: balaclavas @ REI

Sound sample? Yes please!

Baron's Life said...

Sound sample...yes pleas and yes still reading..Get rid of that cold ya hear?

irondad said...

My goodness, man, I was worried sick about you. I was going to call the police but that Mariposa County Sheriff scares me. I was genuinely worried about ending up in a tent prison wearing pink underwear. That worry edged out my worry for you just a little. Sorry, Dude!

I'm so glad you're posting again. I found my life was missing that certain, shall we say, "surreal" quality.

Seriously, I really do enjoy reading your blog. And, having met you in person, I feel an extra connection. One slightly twisted soul to another, I missed you, man!

nikodelrey said...

That is really cool. A sample video would be great. At the very least, I would like to see a link on how to build one of these.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Cool man! My son who plays guitar would love that!

Lucky said...

Wolfie - Thanks, and maybe.

Stacy - Thanks! I should have thought of REI. Clearly, I haven't been drinking NEARLY enough coffee. Regarding the sound sample: maybe.

Baron - Cold is gone, and I'm thinking about doing a sound sample.

Irondad - Sheriff gives me the willies too. I hope to never see the inside of one of his jails.

And I guess you could say I keep it surreal.

nikodelrey - Thanks! There's a good chance of a sample video.

They are stupidly easy to build, provided you passed your shop classes back in the day. You can find a guide to building them here:

Mr. Moto - yes, he probably would. I can't keep my hands off the stupid thing.

Hawktane said...

man that is awesome... you've got to put a audio sample up. Maybe start a whole band with home made instruments.

Anonymous said...

Did wonder if the zombies had got you in revenge for you revealing their presence!

How about ?

Perhaps not thin, but undeniably stylish.