Friday, February 27, 2009

Mighty Roar of the Vespa

I hate to point this out to all of you living in colder climes, but the weather here was just fantastic yesterday.

After Lady Luck and I got back from eating outside at one of the fine local taco establishments, she took her scooter out for a ride. I stayed home to work on the VX800 (curse that infernal machine).

Since the other scooter, a 2004 Vespa ET4, hasn't sold yet due to my lack of effort, I thought it would be wise to fire it up and putter around our little neighborhood a bit.

I am really very, very impressed with Vespa. The little bike fired right up after sitting for a month or so and settled into it's aggressive-sounding little idle as if I had started it the day before.

Incidentally, anybody want to buy a Vespa ET4? It's just peachy keen, and only has like 2,450 miles on it.

Please buy it. It's been teasing the Speed Four, and I can't take the constant racket from the garage anymore.


Canajun said...

Sure, rub our noses in it. It's about 20F here right now with a 30 mph wind. Too cold to even go sit on it in the garage for a while....

Steve Williams said...

No problem. The temperature is a balmy 18F as I get ready to ride to work. It's fantastic, excellent, and downright uplifting.

Actually I am so sick of cold weather riding that I can hardly stand the thought of another ride scraping ice from the inside of the visor...

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks