Monday, February 09, 2009

Blast from the Past

Lady Luck and I went to the grocery store Saturday night to pick up a few essentials. While we were there, we saw the zombie hooker again.

We had already checked out and I noticed her walking right next to us.

I said to Lady Luck,"Hang on a second," and stopped walking. The zombie hooker also stopped, and gave me a panicky look. I didn't want to stare (or worse, converse with her), so I dug around in my pockets briefly and said to Lady Luck, "my keys were digging in."

I know, just call me Mr. Smooth.

Anyway, we left the grocery store and went out to the Mustang. The zombie hooker and her zombie gentleman companion left the store just as we were pulling out. I kept an eye on her in the mirror, and she watched our car all the way out of the lot.

It was kind of weird.


irondad said...

You're lucky to have a zombie hooker in your life. We all need something creepy to make boring stuff easier to deal with.

Going back a couple of posts, there has GOT to be pizza in Yahats. I volunteer to jump on the bike and go check it out for sure.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Bet that weirded you out a bit HUH!