Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Someone Buy Me This Van

eBay is a dangerous, dangerous place full of pretty pretty things.

Like this ex-FBI van.

I could totally use that to haul motorcycles around. And stuff.


Chris Cope said...

Sweet. The ubiquitous child predator van.

Lucky said...

Hell no. The scary clown who lives in my van only messes with adults.

Ones who deserve it.

John McClane said...

I could use it as a mobile harem. Some hard edges on the inside though,

irondad said...

I don't know, man. It looks like a padded cell for some bored out of their mind agents. I'm surprised it doesn't say something like "Wendall's Plumbing" on the outside.

Lucky said...

John - Isn't that, more or less, the essential purpose of a custom van?

Irondad - Aw, come on, I bet being an FBI agent is all action, all the time, regardless of position. I hear even the admin assistants are trained in 20 different ways to subdue a perp.

Or not.

If I were to get that van, I would have the side painted to read:

Or maybe:

Funtimes Birthday Events
(Beware of Clown)

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Lucky lives in a van down by the river! Oh Nooooo!

irondad said...

I kind of like

Origami &

Although imagining you as a scary clown isn't too hard!

Lucky said...

Mr. Moto - No, Lucky is out in the garage, strung out on motorcycles...

irondad - Yeah, I could totally... Hey, wait a second!