Monday, September 22, 2008

This eBay thing is harder than it looks

Listing a bike on eBay is easy.  Selling it seems a bit trickier.  Thus far, I've gotten one offer.  It was lower than I could sell the bike for (of course).  I made a counter-offer, but I guess the buyer is willing to wait for a lower-priced bike.

I'm definitely not buying any more bikes which require work - that was definitely a mistake since my intention was to sell it again quickly.  

The other tough part is refraining from checking eBay compulsively for questions and offers.

Meh.  There's still time, and if it doesn't go, I can always relist it.


irondad said...

I read an article that moaned about how e-bay was lowering the used bike market values. There's always several of the same model for sale. Owners lower the price to compete for the buyer. It will be interesting to see what happens with the scooter.

Good luck!

Lucky said...

Honestly, so far I've seen most bikes get a fair price on eBay. I've been watching for a year, and it's been almost universally true. It probably explains why I was (and am) gobsmacked by the less-than-stellar results I'm getting.

I'm kind of wondering if people are maybe keeping their wallets closer to them right now...

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