Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sorry, Quote That Price Again?

I brought the Vespa ET4 in to a local body shop to get a quote for the paint. I gather they didn't want to deal with it, because they wanted $1,100 to do the job.

So, today I took it to Maaco, where they quoted the job for 60% less than that after I haggled with them a bit. That's a lot more reasonable, given that I don't want to spend any more time in my oven-hot garage than I have to right now.

Outside Maaco, they had a sweet looking Ford Galaxie freshly painted in red flake. It was tempting to have them do that to the Vespa.

Anyhow, hopefully they'll do a good job repairing the scratched. I'll find out for sure in about three days.

Exciting stuff.


Earl Thomas said...

Fortunately for me, the neighbor kid who lives next door just Graduated from school in "Auto body and Painting." He's willing to work on my stuff for the cost of the material, just to show off his work. My truck is currently in the shop, and the XS11 will be there as soon as the snow starts to fly. I feel a little guilty about the low cost, but I'm confident that I'll get over it.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Hope you get a good paint job. You literally only get what you pay for at Maaco. If it's a really good deal, it isn't a really good paint job. I am friends with a guy who used to be a manageer there, and I am also the ex owner of a really good deal gone bad. Don't get me wrong. They are capable of doing high quality work, but not for much better of a deal than any other body shop. They just have cheapie stuff too, and the quality isn't there. Major shortcuts are taken.

Lucky said...

Earl - you're giving him experience and something to show off in his portfolio. Just start paying him for his time eventually... :D

Mr. Moto - I'm just hoping for a 10-foot paint job. I know you can't get good, fast AND cheap.