Friday, August 29, 2008

Hurricane Force!

Last night, we had some weather here in Phoenix. This morning the radio blabbed about "hurricane force" and "slammed into Phoenix" and so on and so on.

Being good Minnesotans (transplanted to Phoenix), Lady Luck and I naturally went outside to check it out. The lightning was nearly constant, and spectacular. We had just gone inside when the rain began to pour down. According to, it was coming down at 6 inches of rain per hour. I was glad I wasn't out riding right then.

Good thing it didn't rain that hard for a whole hour.

As usual, things are all hosed down here, because Phoenix wasn't built to last. Trees fell, power went out, houses melted like so much sloppy newspaper.

In all, pretty entertaining for a couple of weather-watchers. Yay weather!


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Somewhere along the way of reading your blog, I never picked up that you were a transplanted Minnesotan. Maybe I did, but forgot. Anyway, being a Minnesotan myself, I can TOTALLY relate to being a weather watcher. We have so many tornadoes, and hail storms each year, it is pathetic. I'm an insurance adjuster, so storms only make my life busier and more hectic, but it is a love hate relationship with me and storms. I do get a really big charge out of watching storms like you do. The second I hear that tornado siren going off and warning us all to get into the basement, I'm one of the first few stupid people around going out the the front step, or back deck to see exactly what it is that is going to sweep me and my house away. God I love a good storm!

Becky said...

Weather is cool! We don't have much exciting weather here like what you describe. The first thing I talk about with strangers is the weather. It is always interesting.


Kano said...

We don't get much wild weather around here (Oregon), but part of what I really liked about living in TX. was the absolute weirdness of the weather there. Tremendous lightning storms, flash floods, well, the flash floods weren't very entertaining, ominous looking twister making clouds, etc. I here that Arizona and Florida has the most lightning though. Hey, if you want to do some weather watching head down to New Orleans tomorrow!

Fairings said...

interesting lightning display i suppose :-)