Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Amusing, Arbitrary Business Regulations

The problem with starting a business in an industry which requires licensing is figuring out what is required to get licensed. Regular readers will know I'm trying to start an eBay-based motorcycle dealership.

The actual selling of motorcycles on eBay is pretty easy. The hard part is meeting all of the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department's requirements to be a dealer. I have to have a properly-zoned location, with a permanent sign visible 300 feet away, space to display 2 vehicles (easy for motorcycles) and 2 customer parking spaces. I also have to maintain the business hours listed on my application.

More amusing, to me, is the requirement that I have a locking file cabinet (for business records, of course), a desk and chairs as well as other items indicating that my space is a place of business.

Office furniture is mandatory? I mean, I was just going to have a bunch of bean-bag chairs and a laptop. Shoot.

There's no bluffing my way through it either, because the MVD Dealer Licensing unit will send out an inspector to make sure my location is up to snuff before I can get my license.

Which presents kind of a catch-22: I don't want to lease a space before it's been approved, but I can't get approved until I have a space.

There's a local dealer association which will, for a fee, help newbie dealers get rolling. I'm going to have to look into their services, because I can sure use some expert advice.


Becky said...

I don't know how I missed the fact about you setting up an E-bay business. Good luck! Sounds like once you have the AZ authorities under control it should be alot of fun. E-bay selling is like the rush of gambling....every time you receive a bid on something it gives you a charge, and the hopes it will go higher! Best of luck to you.


mrs rc said...

I don't understand why hou have to have a physical "place" of business if you are running an eBay business??? Sounds like the laws need to catch up with the times.

Good luck with everything. Hope it works out for you.

Lucky said...

Becky - yeah, eBay is a lot of fun. I've been fairly successful with my previous auctions.

Mrs RC - I agree that it's a little silly to require a retail place of business for a company focussed on internet sales. Oh well, it's a minor obstacle to overcome.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Can we say, "Dog chasing his tail?" Sounds like thats what they have you doing. Hope it works out for you soon!