Monday, June 02, 2008

[Insert Deep Thoughts Here]

Hey, it's Monday, I'm tired and I have nothing to say.

So check out this VERY poorly translated article about motorcycles. An example of the ensuing linguistical hilarity:

There are some types of motorcycles available. They mainly dissent in their engine capacities and weight. It is ever meliorate to acquire a heavier motorcycle, as it crapper resist collisions with inferior alteration to the cycle and the rider. Those who can’t give newborn motorcycles crapper ever acquire a utilised one. There are modify motorcycles fashioned for children. They are titled mini motorcycles. Those wanting a unequalled cycle crapper acquire a bespoken prefabricated digit that is fashioned according to specifications.

Moving on, you know what bugs me? The the world at large thinks women on bikes look like this. Ok, so women + motorcycles = sexy. It's a given. But here in reality, exposed skin + motorcycle = leathery + horrifying.

Update: my comment above is directed towards the abundance of bikini & chaps photos, not the guy hosting the photo. There's nothing wrong with pin-ups per se, and there's nothing wrong with hosting those photos if you want to. It just seems to me there aren't enough professional, non-pinup photos of woman riders. Photographers of the world: how about some photos of leather-clad women dragging their knee?


douglas.nerad said...

I hope you know I had posted that picture and link not so much as an example of women on motorcycles, but because they are actresses from a show I love. Having a mild crush on them helps, of course, and they legitimately ride motorcycles, though covered up. :)

Yes, exposed skin equals all kinds of pain from pebbles, bugs, abrasions, sunburn, and worse!

Lucky said...

douglas - I'm sorry if that came across as an attack on you. My comment was about how nearly every photo with a woman and a motorcycle involves a bikini and chaps.

douglas.nerad said...

No no! I didn't think it was any sort of attack. Don't worry about that. And I understand you're irritation at the generic pinups in skimpy clothes. It just happens that in these pictures the women are actresses I admire and who I would have never expected to get near a motorcycle let alone ride one. Here's a pic of them in actual leather about to set off. Not nearly as glamorous, but still nice!