Wednesday, June 04, 2008

How About An Electric Street Bike? Anyone?

An anonymous commenter suggested I check out Zero Motorcycles. These are cool bikes, and if I was an off-roader, I'd own two of them.

But I'm not an off-roader. I'm not even a dirt-roader, although if I had a KLR or something, I'd probably go out of my way to find some dirt roads to ride.

If someone makes an electric sportbike with performance, range and style comparable to the petroleum fueled bikes I know and love, I will be very, very interested.

I just had a brilliant idea, though. Let's fit batteries and a motor comparable to the one Zero is using into a proper (steel) scooter. That would be a fun machine to ride on the streets. Who wants to give me an old Vespa (or a Stella) to make into a franken-bike?


douglas.nerad said...

It's not in production yet, but I saw this Suzuki Crosscage and thought of this post...

Lucky said...

Hey, cool. I'd ride that, especially if they tone down the "futuristic" styling a bit.