Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Bad Thoughts

If you've ridden a responsive motorcycle, or any scooter, you've had the bad thoughts. They're always there, tempting you. Sometimes you win, and sometimes the bad thoughts win.

"That sidewalk is empty, maybe I'll take it"
"I can fit through that gap"
"Oh, you wanna race me?"
"I can pass this guy"
"What's redline in sixth gear like?"
"I can get away with it"

Please, share your own bad thoughts in the comments.


Mr. Motorcycle said...


I had a different view of bad thoughts, the second I read this post.

Here is one that goes through my mind once in a while while watching the asphalt wiz by when you look straight down......

voice in my head...
"Hmmmm... I wonder what it would be like to wipe out at this speed?
LaLaLaLaLa get that thought out of my head right now.Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts."

Honda Motorcycle blog said...

Usually is:
"if I red-line it now, I can make a fast pass, and this looks good and sounds good."

Andy Hay said...

Let's do a brake test on the arsehole following me wayyy too close in his tacky little hot hatchback....then see if he can catch me when he's pissed off about the flat spots in his front tyres.

(Brake test, in the sense of Martin Brundle, the UK F1 commentator. i.e. pop the front brakes on just long enough to see a cloud of blue smoke appearing in your mirrors, then drop three gears and become a disappearing dot on the horizon)

If any of the above terms a bit too Brit-centric I can offer a translation if required!

p.s. I sincerely apologise to all US viewers over that bloody farce of an F1 race a couple of years back. That's what happens when money and politics win out over racers.

Noam Sayin' said...

Okay, Lucky. You've inspired badness with this post.

In Minneapolis, along the eastbound Minnehaha Creek Parkway there's a stop sign about a mile east of Lyndale Avenue. It sits at the base of some tall steps, next to a foot bridge. It also happens to be right on a nice curve in the road. Every time I come up to this stop sign, I lament its presence. It would be so nice to be able to take that curve at speed - a nice setup for two more.

Well, Friday night I broke the law for the first time on my scooter, and blew that stop sign.


Noam Sayin' said...

Correction: One long, sweeping rightward curve after a nice, tight leftward curve at the stop sign.

And, yeah. I did it again.