Friday, May 16, 2008

Why You Should Ditch Your Friends and Ride Alone

Getting out and causing a ruckus with a bunch of friends is a lot of fun. I always enjoy showing people the roads I like to ride, and it's nice to have someone to chat with at the stoplights on boring roads. At the end of the road, a lot of times there's a restaurant or something else that's best enjoyed with friends. Also, it's nice to know that you've got a buddy or two along in case of a breakdown or some other unpleasant event.

On the other hand, riding alone can be even more fun. For one thing, when you're riding alone, you can ride at your own pace. Some days, I like to ride at 90, other days 70 is just fine. Trying to keep up with someone else when I'm having a slow day sucks, and waiting for someone when I'm having a fast day also sucks.

In addition, a lone biker meets a lot more people along the way than a group does. Other people are simply less likely to approach a group of bikers than a solo rider. Chances are you'll meet a variety of interesting folks while travelling alone that you wouldn't even see if you were with your buddies.

An additional problem with travelling in a group is that motorcycle to motorcycle communication can be rather difficult. So if you spot something interesting along the road, it's likely you won't get to stop and check it out if you're in a group (unless you're the lead rider).

Riding in a group is a good time now and then, but riding alone opens up all kinds of opportunities for adventure. Besides, did you really start riding because you're a team player? Get out there and be a rugged individualist - by yourself.


Charlie6 said...

Solo Riding definitely more enjoyable for me, as you mention you can set your own pace, stop when and where you want without interfering with anyone else's ride/schedule. It's just the preferred way for me to ride....

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Becky said...

Thanks for reaffirming the reason I like to ride.....alone. Most weekend rides are with my man, but I enjoy those daily rides where I can go any route I desire and stop when I see something interesting. When I ride alone the 'loner' comes out in me, which is where I am most at peace. Group riding is more for being social, which I am NOT by nature.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

I totally agree. I go both ways.
I enjoy all of the things you stated about both kinds of riding, and dislike the things you said you did not like.

When I ride solo, if there is something really cool to share, and I did not have that buddy to share it with at that moment, Well that is what cameras and Motorcycle blogger friends such as youselves are for. Since I started motoblogging, I find myself bringing my pocket digital everywhere with me. You never know when that thing will come up that you want to post.

Noam Sayin' said...

I'm enjoying riding alone. But it's more about not being a menace to fellow riders. I'm new, having just bought a scooter a few weeks ago.

Hey, Lucky. I seem to remember a post awhile back about you wanting to buy a used bike and fix it up for resale. Something tells me you might like this one:

mrs road captain said...

I think its good to have a balance of both. Though I almost never ride completely alone. Some of the most enjoyable riding is when I am out with just my hubby -- two bikes on the open road. But then I like to mix it up with friends too.

This past weekend, we took 26 bikes (40 riders) on a 3-day trip through Pennsylvania, and hooked up with 7 more bikes when we arrived at our first stop. There is something completely magical about that many bikes working together as we cruised around the mountain roads and down the highways...its like a V-twin dance to a symphony of thunderous pipes. :-)