Thursday, May 22, 2008

Planning a Trip to Oregon

In the first week of July, Lady Luck and I will be headed for Oregon for about a week.

Well, actually, we'll be headed for San Francisco and then up to Oregon along the coast. Portland is one of many places we're considering moving to. Naturally, one of my major questions about moving anywhere is "How's the riding?"

Thankfully, unlike some other cities I could mention, there's a place in Portland (well, slightly south of Portland) that rents non-Harley-Davidson motorcycles. In fact, Oregon Motorcycle Rentals has a couple of Triumphs and a Ducati or two as well as the usual assortment of cruisers. Unfortunately, they don't have a Ducati Sport 1000, though they do have a GT 1000.

...I'd better stick with a Triumph. I don't need to get the Ducati-lust again.

Does anyone know of a shop that rents scooters in Portland? It'd be fun to get a pair and buzz around the city for a day or two.


irondad said...

I live an hour South of there. Let me check and let you know. Love to buy you and Lady Luck some coffee or even a pizza when you're here!

Lucky said...

Sweet! It'd be great to meet up while we're there. I'll keep you posted.