Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Morning Zombie Links!

As usual for a Tuesday, I'm too tired to see straight, much less think of something witty and clever. So, while I shamble around without apparent purpose, here are some links to fatten up your sweet, juicy brains.

Mr. Motorcycle says "Air up for safety!" Also, air up to make your tires last longer. Shoot, tires are expensive. Incidentally, my Pilot Roads have lasted about 10,000 miles, and are still full of life. Too bad I don't like them at all. Not sticky enough.

For my fellow moto-bloggers, Raven is hosting a blog carnival. You'd best believe I'll be participating. You should too.

Miss Sturgis says "“Being a motorcycle enthusiast is more than just a sport or a hobby, it’s a lifestyle!" Personally, I hate the term "lifestyle." I mean, it used to be ok-ish, but now I just imagine the "TM" behind it. Personally, I would say that motorcycles are an all-consuming obsession from which there is no escape. But, you know, that's me.

"Motorcycle advocates" say that two deadly crashes should "serve as a reminder for everyone to be careful." Wow, that was almost as deep as what Miss Sturgis said. I want to know how it is that police were unable to determine whether or not one of the riders was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.... Or, maybe I don't.

Don't forget there are people out there who resent us. Look out for guys like this. Folks like this fellow will not notice the motorcyclists who are riding safely. They remember the asshole squids (because they couldn't help but see them), and then hate all of us. Really, though, they hate our freedom. These people are likely to use the terms "murdercycle" and "organ donors." When you meet people like this, by the way, it's ok to slap them with a rubber chicken. They've already decided they don't like you because of your motorcycle, so it doesn't matter.


Linda R. Moore said...

Ooh, hello! Thanks for the shout-out Mr. Pizza. It's very nice to meet you :)

Lucky said...

Just Lucky, please. I only go by Mr. Pizza with bankers, doctors, and people who piss me off.

Thanks for hosting a moto-blog-ival. I've wanted to see one for a while, though I'm far, far too lazy to actually host one.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Hey Lucky,

Thanks for the link on airing up tires.

And as for "that guy" you know the one who hates us all just cause we ride. I'd like to bitch slap him silly. give him a real good one and a then he'd have a real reason not to like me. I held my cool when I went to his site to read the vulgar crap he posted. I was going to try to sign in and comment, but I figured he would only let registered people comment anyway, and I wanted to play it cool as well.

Linda R. Moore said...

Lucky. Check! :)

I'm going to put you on my blogrolls now so that I remember to come back and visit. ;)