Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Electric Moto Goodness - and other links

I don't have much to say today, so here's some links until I come up with something.

Over on the Treehugger blog, some guy has built a ratty looking electric motorcycle out of forklift bits and a UJM.

Here's a history of police motorcycle designs.

Note to self, don't crash and start a forest fire.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Lucky, I'm kindof a "green" person, so I like the idea of an electric ride, and seriously think that hydrogen will be in our future, but where will my rumble that I've become so acustomed to hearing and loving come from. Will I have to get playing cards for my spokes?

Lucky said...

You know, I've thought the same thing.

And then I thought "Wait, wait. Infinite torque - at least, according to theory - at zero miles per hour? Endless powerband? Twice the power of an equivalent internal combustion motor? Sign me up!"

Of course, what I really want to know is where my electricity will come from. A personal wind turbine or solar panels? Cool.

But until they have a long enough range at high speeds, I'm not going to shell out any cash for one.