Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Battlefield Biker has a Pilot for TV, and other links

Battlefield Biker made a pilot to pitch a series to, um, a channel or two. It's interesting, and well shot. Go check it out!

The Feds recommend pulling funding for motorcycle training, and beefing up "Wear a Helmet" marketing - once again, they make my brain hurt.

Have you seen the monkey on a motorcycle yet? I'm not sure what I think about this - I mean, it looks to me like the critter is getting pulled along by it's trainer, and only in a straight line. No knee dragging?


Mr Motorcycle said...

Great entertainment. Where do i sign up to get my motorcycle riding monkey?

irondad said...

Weirdly enough, it seems more riders would be touched with the helmet message through training classes. Having quality training at reasonable prices would do a lot more good than helmet law marketing campaigns. Plus, there'd actually be some skills out there that would make life easy for a helmet!

Lucky said...

mr motorcycle - I don't know where to get a monkey, but teaching one to ride a motorcycle is even funnier than teaching one to smoke.

irondad - Yeah, the sheer lack of thought behind their plan kills me.