Tuesday, March 11, 2008

That Special Time Of Year - Difficult Weather to Dress For

So here in the desert, we've reached that time of year where it's still a little chilly in the morning, but the temperature gets into the 80's in the afternoon.

I can, and do, dress in layers, but it always results in carrying around a lot of stuff. Presently, I wear one pair of gloves, and carry another, depending on the temperature. Taking off a heavy shirt and just wearing the t-shirt underneath also results in stuff to carry.

I hate carrying stuff. I've got a courier bag that I like, but I'd rather not have it stuffed full of riding wardrobe options. I've already got my lunch stuff in there, notebooks, a trendy music listening device and my infernal cellphone (hiss).

All the same, I'll try not to complain too much. It's perfect riding weather right now.


nikodelrey said...

I seem to always have winter gloves, neck scarf, long underwear and thick socks in a tail bag for whatever arises. Then again Minnesota weather isn't all that conducive for motorcyclists half the year, (slight exaggeration).

Incidentally, I rode for the first time of the year today. Usually I'll ride every month of the year but didn't this year.

I remember the desert getting really cold at night. When I lived in Tempe I remember meeting a girlfriend in the afternoon in Northern Scottsdale and when I went home, in the middle of the night, I froze my arse off. Shorts and a shirt and jacket, no helmet,(shame on me). I had an ace bandage on my leg from a little mishap and wrapped it around my head to cover my ears. I must of looked a little insane but it helped. Okay I'm done reminiscing.

Lucky said...

Yeah, it gets chilly here at night, at least until the real heat of summer when the temperature goes between "crazy hot" to just "real hot."

I imagine that out in the sticks it still cools off a lot at night, but things are so built up now that the heat just never escapes.

Charlie6 said...

yep, I call it the "ackward" time of year....usually between 20-30 degree temperature differential from the morning commute to the afternoon commute. Glad I've baggage space.

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