Friday, March 07, 2008

So There's This Local Pizza Place

A few months ago, a new pizzeria opened near my house. They've been trying to nail down their recipe, and as such, our pizza experience has been different each time. Generally speaking the pizza has been good, though there have been a couple of occasions where it was outstanding. All the same, we want to support any pizza place within walking distance that isn't a giant corporate chain, so we forgive the lesser experiences.

I was there last night, picking up a pizza and thinking about how I really need to write a review of the place, when the about-to-be-new-owner came up to me and introduced himself.

Given how badly new owners screwed our favorite coffee shop of all time, and that businesses near my home don't stay in business for very long, you can understand why I was a little concerned about the fate of our local pizza place.

We talked for a bit, and eventually reached the "so what do you do?" question. I told him I was a web developer.*

So then he offered me some consulting work.

Which totally screws up my plans for reviewing the place. Darn it.

*Incidentally, telling small business owners you're a web developer is like having a huge "HIRE ME" sign over your head. This never fails to amaze me. In fact, in order to get a job in the past, I had to get tested for drugs, and the owner of the drug testing company offered me some work doing web development for them. I guess they were confident in my abilities since I passed the test...

Of course, the "Hire Me" sign usually blinks out of existence once I quote a price.

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