Friday, March 14, 2008

Random Moto-Thinkery

  • I want to get a Sportster, turn it into a cafe racer, put a Triumph tank badge on it, and see if anyone notices.
  • I haven't managed to redline the Speed Four yet. What the hell?
  • So is Seafoam just the most amazing product in the world, or what?
  • What the hell purpose do 12 point wrenches serve? Is it to strip bolts for anti-reverse engineering?
  • I gotta pick up some 6 point wrenches.


Tinker said...

Yes, indeed SeaFoam is a wonder drug for motorcycles. It lets me run a twin on one cylinder. I need to see which one is failing, see if it is a sparkplug cable or something else that is causing a cylinder not to fire up. I know that replacing the plug will help it, but I want to find out why THIS Cylinder, why not the other, if is simply a plug?

Tinker said...

By the way, I use 6 point sockets as it seems to be harder to strip the corners off.

And my motorcycle is 31 years old, so parts are not at all common for this beast. A stripped bolt is not impossible, but it takes a trip to Capitol Bolt and Screw, to replace it (Assuming I can get it off in the first place.

Lucky said...

Tinker - I think you've told me before, but what do you ride?

I know SeaFoam has saved my butt once. I expect it will a few more times. I just learned about it's amazing oil change sludge removal properties, and I'm eager to try that out at my next oil change.

Tinker said...

1978 CB400A Hawk Hondamatic, about 11,000 miles on it. Previous owner was somewher in Wisconsin. (From insurance papers left under the seat.) Apparently crashed at some point and scraped the tank decals up pretty badly. Candy Sapphire Blue, but I'd rather have a Tahitian Red paint job.