Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Already?

Lady Luck and I did get out for a long ride this weekend. I've got photos and a ride report to post later this evening.

Other than that, though, I didn't try new beer, make pizza or work on the VX800. My excuse is that it was a holiday weekend. Yeah.

We did have some lovely beer this weekend, though it doesn't even ALMOST qualify for a manly beer review. Here's what you do: get some Young's Chocolate Stout and some Lindemans Cherry Lambic (or Raspberry, if you prefer). Fill a glass about 3 parts Chocolate Stout, and float 1 part Cherry Lambic on top. Best black & tan ever, and it tastes like a chocolate covered cherry. It's nice.

This weekend I learned about the Experimental Gameplay Project. The basic idea is to build a prototype video game in 7 days, so the games are simple - and surprisingly addictive. Check out "Towers of Goo." The whole reason I got into computers, originally, was because I wanted to make video games. I've made... two. I think. In 14 years. If you're a sorta-computer nerd like me, you might dig this article about the game making process. I gotta come up with a motorcycle-themed game idea. "Crazy Moto-Commute" perhaps...

Back on topic, I also found a new Phoenix-based moto-blogger. Go check out his site, and admire his flame-jobbed Easter egg.

And that's it for this workday. I'll try to get my ride report with pretty pictures written up tonight, and posted tomorrow.

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