Thursday, March 27, 2008

Awareness Test - Send it to your favorite cagers

This is an old experiment, redone. If you haven't seen it before, chances are you'll be shocked.

If you have seen it before, you'll be delighted by the update.


nikodelrey said...

That was hilarious. I've never seen that before. I got the 13 count right but no I did not see the moon walking bear.

As far as my superstition, I use to have a 'pillsbury doe boy' key chain for my motorcycle. When I put the key in the ignition I always made sure he was facing up. Sometimes, when no one was looking, I'd even push his belly.

Lucky said...

The original video (part of a study of inattentional blindness) was fun to show to people, because no one would believe a gorilla had walked across the screen.

So then you play it again and watch their jaws drop.