Thursday, February 21, 2008

This Pizza Tastes Like Big Business

We've got guests this week, and last night I was kind of on my own for what to get for dinner. Naturally, my first impulse was to get pizza.

The three of us (our two guests and I) walked to a nearby pizza shop that Lady Luck and I are trying to support. Unfortunately, they were closed. It was late, and I had to take these crazy kids somewhere before we all went insane from hunger.

So, I took them to our local Oregano's Pizza Bistro. I'm not sure if they're corporate, but they sure look and taste like it. There's wacky stuff on the walls! And TVs! The menu is so physically large it's kind of comical! Yay! And, like all corporate restaurants, they're always inordinately busy. Wednesday is sort of an off night, though, so we only had to wait 15 minutes. On a Friday night, or on the weekends, the wait can easily exceed an hour.

Now, I do have some good things to say about them. For one thing, they're cheesy bread is darn tasty. And the stuffed pizzas have enough sauce to make me a happy man.

On the downside, intestinal distress is a frequent problem after eating there. And everything on their menu is so salty that my hands feel like cartoon gloves the next day.

Really, the only reason we went was because pizza was required, and no one else was open. They're better than pizza hut, at least.

Were this an official review, I'd give them 2 Crying Luckies for having adequate pizza. But it's not, so I won't.

Here's to hoping some of the smaller businesses close to my home start staying open a bit later than 7:00...

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Gymi said...

What is the deal with the tv's everywhere you go these days. The Speedway station close to my house has them on every pump now. One can't eat pizza, drink, or pump gas without keeping current on what brand of trouble the celebrities are getting themselves into. I may be getting old, but I just don’t get the tv thing.