Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Moto-Valentine's Day

I had to pick up a box of the cheap Harley-Davidson Valentine's day cards this year, just on principle.

I am disappointed by their lack of bad-ass-itude. I mean, Harley has an entire department dedicated to thinking up new ways to look bad-ass (yet accessible).

As such, I came up with my own slogans for the cards.

For example, "I'd like you to ride my Fat Boy."


"This Valentine's Day, I want you to wrap your chaps around my Big Twin."

Please feel free to leave your own HD-branded Valentine's slogans in the comments.


Chuck said...

I want your primary to drip on my floor for VD.

Der_General said...

A friend and I once had a side business doing web design & consulting, and we gave a client a gift with a HD Christmas card that had Santa Claus on a Harley and said "Merry Christmas from your two favorite fat boys". The client chose to go with the other interpretation of it - based on the fact that neither myself or my partner would be considered "skinny" by anyone. Oh well, at least it made them laugh...