Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Five Reasons Why Motorcycles Will Always Be Superior to Cars

There's no need for a flashy intro paragraph for this post. Let's get down to it.

Physics are on our side. Consider making a hard turn in a car: you end up struggling against forces trying to throw you out of your seat. Now consider the same turn on a motorcycle: the forces trying to push you out of the car now keep you in your seat, happy and thoroughly entertained.

Phenomenal power, tiny living space. “Passing power” is a non-issue on a motorcycle. Plus, I could easily get 8 bikes in my garage if I tidied up a bit. I could even fit a few more if I got rid of the motorcycle-appreciation chair. Shoot, I could fit three of them in my living room and a spare dirt bike in the kitchen, and I have a small house.

No blind spots. I can even keep an eye on those damned hot air balloons, when I need to.

Exercise. A motorcyclist burns 200 some calories per hour between operating the vehicle, watching out for cages, and adjusting to weather changes. Compare that to the 110 calories burned by our friends sitting there looking stupid in a car. If you spend two hours on a bike, you’ve burned 180 calories more than the cager. And that means you can have another beer.

Perma-grin. Seriously, every day is better if a motorcycle is involved.

*Bonus – assuming there is still easy access to gasoline after the zombie uprising, there’s no better vehicle for getting the hell away from several hundred hungry zombies. Or just zipping through rush hour.

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