Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Scary Biker? Me?

Our good friend Penguin-Man is currently in the U.S., back from New Zealand for a visit. He came to visit us here in the post-apocalyptic wastes, and as such we tried to show him a Mad-Maxian good time.

Saturday night we took him to our favorite, almost-local bar for a tipple. I've noticed a large number of Triumph motorcycle t-shirt wearing folks (a couple of whom actually ride!) at this particular bar, so I feel right at home. Plus the place is dark and has wood-panelling. If they'd get rid of the two itty-bitty TV sets altogether, I'd say it was a proof-of-concept for the Lucky Cave.

Anyway, we managed to score a booth in the darkest and most remote corner of the bar. Said booth happened to be right next to the pool table (it's a small place). Eventually it was time to get more drinks, so Penguin-Man and I made the long trek to the bar while Lady Luck and another friend of ours, the Lizard Queen, stayed in the booth.

While we were at the bar acquiring fresh beverages, some dude plopped down next to Lady Luck in our booth. Lady Luck informed our friendly new companion that her husband (hey, that's me!) was sitting there. His reply?

"Is he bigger than me?"

Lady Luck informed him that, indeed, I was bigger than him. Apparently he wasn't too concerned about it, because he just stayed there.

Penguin Man preceded me with a couple of beverages, and I saw our new tablemate look him over once, decide he was no threat (to his credit, he'd never seen Penguin Man in a state of high piss-off) and stay put.

So then I got to the table and set down the drinks I was carrying.

I haven't seen someone get out of a booth and relocate so quickly ever. He was yelling something about "sorry..." but I couldn't really make it out, because he was talking too fast. I settled in to the booth and thanked him for keeping my seat warm.

Apparently, I'm more intimidating than I thought. Must be my new hair-do.


irondad said...

Could be the vibes. I'm physically smaller being only 5'8 1/2" tall. Bigger guys back off because they realize a small guy like me who confronts them must either be crazy or capable. Maybe it's your confident attitude!

gary said...

I've been "counselled" at work for being a bit too intimidating. It seems the swells don't know how to crack the whip on someone they think might just break their neck for trying.

That's a good place to be, when you're a working stiff.

Looking forward to your visit. Rental places only do Harleys around here, but I'm looking at other options... stay tuned.

Ride well,