Tuesday, May 01, 2007

3 hours of Straight Desert Road

We're heading for San Diego tomorrow morning. As such, things around here are going to be quiet until Sunday or so.

Goals for the trip:
  • eat pizza
  • split lanes

Anyway, I've mentioned it before, but the trip to San Diego involves a 3 hour stretch of road that is boring. Really, REALLY boring.

I know some of you folks out there do some heavy moto-touring. How do you keep yourself from going mad when you've been riding in a straight line for the last hour and a half, and the next curve or object/place of interest is still 142 miles away?


Steve Johnson said...

If you're talking about the I-8, I just did a Saddle Sore 1000 ride which involved riding the I-8 from Casa Grande to San Diego, last Monday. What did I do to keep from being bored? Believe it or not, thought about my next blog posts!

Wyckedsin said...

With the number of times I have driven/ridden the Phoenix-San Diego route, I really don't notice the boring stretch too much, the whole thing is boring...Generally speaking I write fiction in my head as I drive/ride anyways, so I just start up either an old storyline or a whole new one.