Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Slowest Ride Ever

Lady Luck and I have some guests this week. Last night, we took them out for a ride. Since the Triumph's passenger seat is only comfortable for small people, our friend's 8 year old daughter rode with me.

I'll tell you what, there aren't many things more nerve-wracking than having someone else's child on the back of your bike.

I try to ride gently when I have a passenger, since I have no idea what their moto-tolerance is like. Some people can't wait to pick up coins in curves, others are certain gravity is going to punish them for daring to defy it.

Of course, throwing someone else's kid into the equation adds another wrinkle: Not only do I have to worry about how the kid is feeling about the ride, I have to worry about how the parent is feeling about their kid's ride.

Through past observation, I have learned that a good way to get knocked the hell out is by scaring a parent who's kid is riding with you.

In light of this knowledge, I took it easy on the ride last night. Any turns happened at less than ten miles per hour. I accelerated and braked as if I had a ball of nitroglycerin balanced on the back seat.

The kid had a great time, and the parent is still talking to me, so I guess a good time was had by all.

Oh, and there's a pizza review coming up soon. Stay tuned.


Krysta in Milwaukee said...

The first time I took my son on 2 wheels (he'd been in a sidecar before), I did the whole reverse-psychology thing...

Explained what we'd do, reminded him over and over that he could call it off at any time & I wouldn't be upset at all, etc.

So when we did a circuit of the block and made the planned "let's stop and see how you like it" stop, he said something to the effect of "WHY ARE YOU STOPPING?!?"

Have to keep reminding him to keep at least one hand holding onto the bike. He likes to wave.

But yes, I did pay VERY close attention to the road, and other traffic, and my speed on that first trip.

Haven't taken anyone else's kid out for a ride, other than a nephew in the sidecar, & his mom is cool w/ bikes.

gary said...

Oh man, everything you say here resonates with my experience with Emily. She is my own daughter, but that makes her no less precious.

And she IS a `fraidy-cat! She used to squeal at the first hint of a lean. But now she has settled down somewhat, and has learned that the lean is necessary.

We'll see how the coming season affects her. I'll do my best to make sure she likes it.

Ride well,

Combatscoot said...

Tal's Momma was a bit protective to start with, but got over it after awhile.