Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Random Moto-Thoughts

  • Are there any bikers out there friendlier than Gold Wing riders?
  • Just because I saw you coming doesn't mean you aren't a jerk for not using your turn signal.
  • You can not out run me in your pick 'em up truck. I promise. So stop trying. I feel bad embarassing you in front of your girlfriend. Again.
  • Someday, I want to catch someone's cigarette and flick it back into their car. I don't have a problem with smokers, just assholes.
  • I always feel kind of weird passing a large group of hawg-ridin' dudes. I never know if I should wave, or make the day more interesting by flippin' them off and riding like hell. I usually just wave.
  • Nothing is as much fun as riding a scooter behind a patch-wearin' bro and watching him get all uncomfortable because you're back there. Scooter-cooties, after all, can jump pretty far.
  • I sometimes wish I could understand what people say when they yell to me from the sidewalk/other cars. But then I figure I'm probably not missing out on anything too important.


irondad said...

Riding a scooter in gusty winds. I have no problem changing lanes, I just like to know where and when!

Following the Hawg riders for a long ways on a scooter is an interesting picture. You must be a threat because you're so secure about it, right?

harleyback said...

Your blog is wonderful. I like it. I am a sexy biker girl looking for riding buddies. I wanna a few true bikers to ride with me this weekend. If anyone interested, please leave a message on my blog site BikerKiss dot com/blog/monica07.

Combatscoot said...

Watch out, you have BikerKiss spam. Got it a couple times on my blog.
This post had me rolling. I may have to link to it.

Steve Williams said...

I've had some first hand experience ridng behind a group of V Twin bikers. They definitely did not like me being there and at the first opportunity beat a hasty escape. I've also parked right next to a line of them and that isn't cool either.

Don't know why I want to be pushing stick in the bees nest - I'm only going to cause trouble. I'm a grown up now and need to stop needling other people.

It is satisfying though....

Great post.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks